Epilogue to 2016.

Selection from the streets of Spain 2016.

A final few images 2016 from around the streets of Spain.














May you all have a very happy and healthy new year in 2017.


April Fair in Barcelona

A week long celebration of all things Andalucian in Barcelona.

The streets of Barcelona come alive for a week in April every year when the Andalucian culture is celebrated in a way that only the Spanish and Catalonian people can do.The buzz of the week is tailor made for street photography as inhibitions are lessened with the party atmosphere spilling into all corners of the city for twenty four hours a day.

All fiestas in Spain include food as a prominent ingredient along with wine and beer adding to the overall feel good factor of any celebration.There´s always a reason for celebrating just about anything in Spain,and everybody has a great time.

Street photographer’s are spoiled for choice as to which celebration to choose to shoot,but most festivities last longer than one day so only your motivation for street photography decides on how much work you want to do.



















Streets of Barcelona

Since living and working in Barcelona I´ve discovered three essential things needed when out shooting on the street.

Firstly,plenty of sun block,next,water and finally protective headwear.A full day in the sunny streets of Barcelona without these is a big mistake.


I dislike wearing sun block and hats,but one bad experience made me rethink my approach.Now when I head for the streets I make sure I´m oiled and hatted up,you get used to it eventually.

Suitably protected I´ll head for locations that I consider might be quite interesting for a days shooting.If I´ve seen a place I liked I usually take a compass bearing to give me an idea on the orientation of the sun and revisit a few times to see where the shadows are falling before taking any shots.I like deep shadows in my photos,living in Barcelona you´re never short of them.








Approach To Street Photography.

I find street photography not an easy or comfortable process for me, yet I love it.

I set out with confidence to get the shots I envisage,but once in the streets that confidence at times begins to evaporate and I feel that I´d rather go home empty handed sooner than face any confrontation from anyone I´ve upset.I think this comes from me disliking having my own photograph taken.

I find the more I fight against losing confidence I usually get some interesting images.

I´m not a great fan of  ‘In your face, close up,strangers portrait’ type of shots,that doesn’t appeal to me.My style,if it can be called that,is more of a ‘Peoplescape’ type of image,depicting everyday people going about their daily business and showing them within the landscape of their environment.

There’s no need for a camera,or a photographer,to be thrust up anyone’s nose,I certainly wouldn’t appreciate that approach.

People can be the main focus of an image regardless of the size they appear in the final result,especially if there’s just one isolated figure somewhere in the frame.


Images from around Barcelona.
















Breakfast with the Fishermen.

On our early morning weekend strolls to the beaches close to home in Barcelona we came across this group enjoying breakfast whilst their fishing lines were baited trying to lure a catch.

As I have my Fuji X100T with me at all times they presented a perfect opportunity for some potentially interesting images.I began shooting with a little trepidation as I don’t find it easy to photograph complete strangers in the street,but seeing they were occupied with eating and drinking I felt more at ease as they didn’t seem to notice me,if they did nothing was said.This put me at ease and more confident to move around the group framing my shots.

When they did finally say something it was to invite my partner and myself to share their breakfast with them.We sat with the fishermen on the breakwater for about two hours eating,drinking and as is quite typical in Spain,being told their life stories.

The group started purely by chance several years ago by two of the group until today there are sometimes up to twenty people enjoying the breakfast and socialising under the mediterranean sun.They meet every morning of the week at sunrise from April until November and consider themselves a self help group with the ability to help group members with any problems.

I don’t think there could be a better spot to solve any issues that may be troubling you.

We parted as friends and have been back several times to visit them,we always get the same warm reception and of course the offer of ‘Breakfast with the Fishermen’.






















Thanks for looking in.Rob

Street Photography in Rome

A visit to Rome had been with me for years,finally in 2016 it happened,I went to the ‘Eternal City’ and was not disappointed.

You’ve more than likely seen the films,documentaries and read the books on this most famous of capital cities and it’s influence and contributions to society we even feel today in the 21st century.

For me as an ancient history enthusiast I couldn’t have found myself in a better location.After years of viewing this city from a distance I was finally slap bang in the middle and all that I had seen and read came alive with sudden reality.

Here I was,a man and his camera, (Canon 5D Mk11/24mm  f2.8 lens), with an idea to show Rome as I saw it and make images with the tools I was carrying.

Images from my first visit,but not my last, to Rome.

All comments welcome.   Regards Rob.
































Hope you enjoyed my impressions of Rome.I can´t wait to go back,which I think will be very soon.

Thanks for looking in.


Street Photography in Spain.Fujifilm X100T

Welcome to everyone on my very first blog about photography and my recent changeover from using  Canon  DSLR´S to Fuji mirrorless equipment in my passion for street photography.


I have to face it and admit that nowadays I´m no spring chicken and the daily challenge of hauling around one of my Canon 5D´s (Mk11), plus my favourite 24mm f2.8 lens and others was becoming very tiresome.It all came to a painful conclusion when I was on a trip to Rome early in 2016 where I made the decision to go for a lighter set up with a fixed lens,no more carrying a selection of lenses and having the angst about which one to choose.

As I´m primarily a street photographer the choice of camera with a fixed lens was quite simple,after reading lots of reviews that is.

I finally settled on and bought the Fujifilm X100T,what a revelation this camera is,after getting used to the electronic viewfinder which did take a few weeks.It goes with me everywhere in a small holster strapped around my waist,no more aching elbow and neck for me now.

The clincher was,as it should be for a camera,the image and handling qualities,superb.

What follows are my first images with my Fuji X100T shot in Barcelona.





















Please leave comments and let me know what you think.Meanwhile I´m away to use this brilliant little camera again.

Thanks for looking in. Rob.